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‘It’s the season to be jolly…. The season of gift giving is upon us and I thought it would be fun to spend the next few days profiling gift ideas for the personal development of our loved ones. Not let me say that personal development is something that everyone has to do at various points through out life. Thus these ideas should help you shop for the person who has or appears to have everything.


Many professions require a minimum number of continuing education training units to be obtained by a specified time. For some, this requirement is met through training offered or sponsored through their place of employment. However, if there is a desire to take a course which will lead to career or personal growth; those classes are self funded.

Now this gift is not necessarily a gift which can be a surprise unless you put on your detective shield and ask a few questions of those you intend to provide CEUS as a gift. If you aren’t skillful in getting clues, you can still provide gifts of this kind. Here are a few methods you may try:

1. Gift Card

Visa or MasterCard gift card can be purchased for the purpose of continuing education. If you are uncertain the money will be used in the intended manner, you may purchase a refillable card with a minimum amount. Then request the user provide you with a link to the class they are interested in so that you may either go in and pay for the class and/or add the remaining funds needed.

2. Professional Association eCard

Professions such as certified public accountants, cosmetologists, life coach, teacher or professional counselors have professional associations which offer online courses. Most will link you to an online vendor of which you can purchase an electronic gift card where the user will be able to select any course they choose.

3. Gas Gift Card

For the student that is required to travel overnight or a long way for classes, identify gas stations along the route and provide them with a gas card. Depending on the cost of gas in your area, this can be an expense that is overlooked when budgeting for school. If the intended recipient is traveling to a conference, I would place this card in the front of a nice journal or writing tablet. Thus you have two gifts in one.

4. Free Night in a Hotel

Another great option for travelers is a free night stay in a hotel. Those with upcoming conference travel or week long residences could benefit from this gift. Most conferences have a specific hotel which is recommended so the hotel location can easily be found on the internet. If you are the giver and possess rewards points, they could easily be transferred to your recipient.

These are my tips for this type of recipient. Do you have any ideas for how to gift CEUS? I would love to hear them. Better yet, I would love to receive one.

Til next time,

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

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