Rain Wilson Geography of Bliss

This weekend while channel surfing, we came across a new to me documentary. We watched Rainn Wilson and the Geography of Bliss on Peacock Channel. There are 5 episodes which highlight visits to Iceland, Bulgaria, Ghana, and Thailand.

The description from Peacock’s website is:

“Host and intrepid traveler Rainn Wilson traverses the globe searching for the secrets to the happiest societies on earth. Based on Weix Wiener’s New York Times bestselling book, “The Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World,” Rainn will explore some of the happiest and least happy places on earth from Iceland to Bulgaria to Ghana, and in a profound, humorous, and experiential way that unpacks the science of happiness.”

I must admit I had no intention of binging this show but before I realized it, I was at the end of the series. One episode easily flowed into the next and there were little nuggets of truth for the watcher.

Each episode focused on a new country and included happy places as well as places considered miserable.

Insights from Geography of Bliss:

Adaptability – Irelands national motto – Everything will work out. – Happiest Place in the World

1. Iceland is kinda like a cult, they don’t like facts here so we come up with alternative realities

2. In order to be able to survive you have to be adaptable

3. Failure doesn’t carry a stigma in Iceland because failure is a fact of life in Iceland

Notable Quotables:

“Happiness is out there hiding in the places you least expect” – Geography of Bliss

“The search for happiness is the chief source of unhappiness.” – Eric Hoffer

“To understand happiness you need to embrace what comes your way.” – Geography of Bliss

“Happiness is a matter of perspective.” – Author Unlnown

“Happiness is chugging a bottle of cod liver oil and learning to fail.” Episode 1 The Geography of Bliss Iceland

“Happiness is dancing in someone else’s shower.” Episode 2 The Geography of Bliss Bulgaria

“Happiness at least some small part of it is a choice.” – Geography of Bliss

These are a few of the statements and insights which stood out to me while viewing this show. Today as we deal with the Monday blues, consider tuning in to The Geography of Bliss and discover your own ideas about happiness.

Til next time,

What brings you happiness each day?

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