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Target Think Thursday: Chapter 2

It’s amazing how quickly the week has passed and now we find ourselves with another chapter to discuss.  Are you enjoying the readings?  Are you finding the application questions helpful? It is my hope that your answers were yes. 

The theme of Chapter 2 was Desire.  Desire which overrides not only your own anxiety and insecurities but also the people and situations which will act as distractors from your goal.  I found the story of Blair’s life the most inspiring and he exemplified the power of desire.

His desire was born out of necessity and was all consuming because he was never allowed to view his disability as an obstacle.  He had a desire to succeed which was the result of his father’s burning desire.  You too can impact someone’s life by your desire.  If you are reading this, you have the desire to change so let’s begin our questions of the week.

1.  How did Edwin C. Barnes exemplify the adage, “don’t judge a book by its cover?”  Why did Barnes succeed?

2.  What are your sources of retreat?  What do you need to do in order to burn your ships like the great warriors did?

3.  What do you need to add to your day in order to allow your burning desire to have room to grow?  room to implement a plan?

4.  What did Marshall Fields do differently from his Chicago neighbors?

5.  What is the formula to bring riches? What can you be persistent in tomorrow?

6.  Reflect on the 6 questions for desires to give way to  financial equivalents?   Answer each one and write these answers down.  What else can these 6 steps help you do?

7.  What can you learn from Blair?

Take these 7 questions and write the answers in your journal or on any notepad.   Then re-read the chapter and identify 2 phrases which can be your weekly mantra.  Write each one on a 3×5 note card and post around your home and office.  Read it aloud each time you walk by the card.  This practice will begin training your brain to accept your desire.

Til next time,,

Recommendation of the Month · Target Think Thursday

Target Think Thursday: Chapter 1

Welcome to Target Think Thursday.  Our weekly online meet up to reflect on lessons we have learned from Napoleon Hill’ Think and Grow Rich.  Unfortunately this inaugural post was delayed last week due my being sick but I am back and ready to share.

One important cautionary notification: depending on the version you purchased, this book contains outdated societal references regarding various cultures.  Look past the cultural terminology and remember the book is over fifty years old.  Once you force your brain to get past those references, you will find multiple nuggets of truth to implement.

Because of the delay in posting this information, I have included additional questions for your self-analysis.  Here are this week’s questions for reflection:
1.  According to Mr. Hill, what is needed to turn thoughts into riches?  Do you have what is needed?
2.  What can you learn from Edwin C. Barnes? What was the difference highlighted by his spoken desire?
3.  What is desired defined as?
4.  What had Edison learned from years of experience?
5.  What have psychologists said?  Look back over your life, have you seen this statement demonstrated in your own like?  How did Barnes demonstrate this?  How can you?
6.  According to the author, what a different story men would have to tell if?
7.  What did Barnes have to start with?  What do you have to start with?
8.  What is the common cause of failure?  Look back over your life, have you give in to this common cause?  What did you learn from that process?
9.  What became Darby’s mantra?  What will be your mantra?
10.  How did the child conquer the uncle?  How can you incorporate the traits this child possessed into your life?
11.  What lessons have the school of hard knocks taught you?  Do you analyze your failures to determine the lessons?  If not, take 30 minutes to do so today.
12.  What is needed to achieve success?
13.  What principles helped Ford succeed?
14.  What can you learn from the poet Henley? 
15.  What is needed before you can accumulate riches in great abundance?

Life Application Tip:  Now that you have finished your reading and answered the questions above, make a commitment to repeat your mantra to yourself each time you pass a mirror.  Do this for 45 days.  They say it takes 21 days so doubling that and adding a few more should ensure you have reprogrammed your brain for success.

Til next time,
“If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way” — Napoleon Hill


Target Think Thursday delayed today

It is with great sadness I must delay my posting this week as I have been sick all week and am leaving urgent care with prescription in hand and orders for rest to allow my body to recover. We will resume our schedule next week when I have had the opportunity to finish my reading without meds and am fully recovered.
Have a great week guys.

Recommendation of the Month

Target Think Thursday

Happy Thursday!
As I write this post, I am so filled with excitement about my next recommendation that it is hard to get my fingers to catch up with the thoughts going through my mind.  My last selection generated positive responses and additional readers so I feel the multiple readings of each chapter were well worth it and it allowed me to pick up additional information included in the text that I missed the first time around.

This selection is a combination of two classic books that were written long before the Internet and social media.  Some of the amazing people profiled may not be easily recognized if not for the companies that bear their names.  However, the material taught is timeless and relevant to life today.  They also tie in nicely to the reflection questions from our readings of The Millionaire Next Door.

Now without further delay, the recommendation of the month are two classic titles by Napoleon Hill.  Both titles can be purchased in a single book format from Amazon and likely other retailers as well.  My recommendation is entitled, “Think and Grow Rich” & “The Law of Success in 16 Lessons.”

For those who are unaware, Napoleon Hill wrote these books after interviewing hundreds of successful people during the 1930s.  His writings are considered some of the best-selling books of all time and they continue to be widely read today. 

If you are interested in joining me on this perusal and study of these titles, grab a book and read along.  Each Thursday, I will post a series of questions for self-reflection and application under the heading Target Think Thursday. 

Until next time,

“The world does not pay men for that which they ‘know’. It pays them for what they do, or induce others to do.” – Napoleon Hill