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The M.I.D.A Project is about being true to yourself and enjoying the journey of life.  It’s about being brave enough to Motivate yourself to be Inspired into making a pathway for your Dream to be Achieved.  Hence the name of the blog.  
I am a woman first and a wife, mother, daughter, sister, employee, etc. As such, real life will invade this blog and be displayed for all to see but along the way I promise to change names to protect the innocent. 

I believe in the power of self development and self actualization.  I say self instead of personal because self is what we give to others.  Personal is what we keep for ourselves.  I want my readers to work on self and not only accomplish their goals but help guide someone else to accomplish theirs.

I am a lover of books and look for opportunities to read. Reviews of those books will be included along with the lessons I learned from them. The power of words is a form of therapy for me so don’t be surprised by anything you read. You have been forewarned and I hope you enjoy this ride.

My favorite quote: “PROCRASTINATION IS THE ASSASSINATION OF MOTIVATION”  -Original author unknown.

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Motivate, Inspire, Dream and Achieve 

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