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5 Shows for the School of TV on Demand

There comes a time when I want to rest my brain and  in those times one of the activities I turn to is my television set.  My habit is to spend an episode or two watching something frivolous but fun, which for me that could be a mystery or some type of reality show involving animals, swamps or survival skills.
Even though I am giving my mind a rest, I like to know that I can figure out the ending from the brief clues they provide along the way.  Then there are other times in which I want to watch TV but also want to make it an inspirational and motivational productive use of my time.
I know, I know, tv is not the thing you think of in the same sentence as productive use of time.  But stay with me for a little longer.
There are a few shows which when viewed correctly, can result in increased knowledge regarding specific focus areas.  For me, I am interested in business pursuits which includes information associated with start ups, passive income, and business growth.  I watch tv that gives me keywords or strategies to research and implement at a later time.
Currently there are 5 shows that have become my go to television for quick and entertaining lessons.  Not only do I watch what is occurring on the screen but I also take notes on my phone because my phone is always near me.
Each of these shows are ideal for someone who has dreams of owning or operating a busines which connects perfectly with my needs.  Here are my top five recommendations for productive viewing pleasure.
Airs on ABC and if you haven’t heard of it, you must have been living under a rock or in a cave for the last few years.  The premise of the show is for entrepreneurs to pitch their businesses for an opportunity for financial investments and mentors in exchange for a portion of the company and/or profits.
Airs on Freeform (previously ABC Family).  This show is the newest to my list of productive viewing.  It is one of those shows I require my daughter to view with me.  The premise is budding entrepreneurs spend time at Draper University learning from venture capitalist Tim Draper.
Airs on CNBC Prime.  The name association of Bloomberg is a hint that it is business and wealth minded.  Investor Marcus Lemonis works with struggling businesses to help them overcome hurdles toward profitability.  He provides snippets of information that those interested in starting a business can research and address within their structure.
Airs on CBS and is currently on season 7.  The longevity of the show is reason enough to give it at least a cursory viewing.  One of the things this show does so well is to help the boss of the company to empathize with the employees while identifying issues which need to be addressed in order to help the business improve or maintain its employee/customer base.
Airs on the Food Network.  This show can be viewed as a resource for those interested in the food business.  While there are challenges each week as well as someone who will be kicked off, the show highlights problems every business will face such as marketing, office location, recruiting and maintaining customers.
Application:  The most important aspect of television with a purpose is to implement what you see.  For example, when I view the Great Food Truck Race I try to write out what my strategy would be for each challenge and situation.  This helps get my creativity started and often helps me in other areas of planning.
Til next time,
“Tell me and I forget.  Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin
How to Win Friends and Influence People

How To Win Friends and Influence People – Chapter 8

“How to Interest People”

Sometimes brevity and simplicity are the best course of action.  Just as putting the needs of others before those of yourself.  The lesson of Chapter 8 isn’t use what you know about someone to get what you want.  
To some this may appear as manipulation but once you read the chapter, you’ll realize the prominent idea is to… I don’t want to spoil it so I will limit my commentary as well as the quotes and questions for this week.

Remember the genius of the book is its simplicity & timeless content.

Notable Quotables:

“For Roosevelt knew, as all leaders know, that the royal road to a person’s heart is to talk about the things he or she treasures most.” – Dale Carnegie

“Talking in terms of the other person’s interests pays off for both parties.” – Dale Carnegie

Questions for Reflections:

1.  What did Mr. Chalif learn during his Scouts fundraising endeavor?

2.  What are examples of techniques Henry G. Duvernoy did wrong when he attempted to sell his bread to the hotel?  What did he do right in the end?

Til next time,

We want to win friends and influence people not manipulate them.

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Dealing with Discouragement:  7 Ways to Start Doing Again

I have a dear friend and client who is experiencing a bit of a struggle with seeing through unexpected complications regarding her new business. At times she is over the moon ecstatic and the next moment sullen as a grey sky. Both moods seem appropriate for someone starting something brand new with limited experience and finances.
When she gets in the low moments, I want to shout “keep going. Don’t stop, you are almost there.”  Usually I don’t because I recognize that it is a a scary process for her to do alone and second, her confidence will soar when she is able to wake up the next day and realize she didn’t stop.  That’s why I teach that patience and perseverance should always be stated at the same time.
People often ask for or remark that they need patience but what is really needed is perseverance.  What is the difference you ask? Here’s my definition – patience is the skill you use to quiet your mind while you demonstrate perseverance towards goal attainment.  Patience keeps you dreaming while perseverance keeps you doing.
You cannot accomplish anything without both.  When we plan our projects and our goals, we always have an outcome and a target date.  But how many people plan for eventual stumbling blocks? The kind that make it difficult to move forward or tell your mind to quit.  Examples include:
1.  The friend or loved one who tells you “your project is just a hobby, cause you aren’t making any money yet.”
2.  You meet your target date and launch the product or business only to realize there was something you needed to do but didn’t know about.
3.  Each night you stay up, working your business plan and creating products to show potential investors, no one wants to invest.
4.  Finally, you did it.  You wrote the book, created the cover and you have copies printed for you and the family.  They didn’t like it.
5.  You have a great business idea and the enthusiasm to get started.  Your partner has expertise that you need, but they won’t help you.
Each one of these scenarios can be difficult to adapt to on their own but what happens when you are facing two or more?  Do you give up and say I knew this wouldn’t work out?  Or do you give yourself a short time out to regroup and then begin again?  The decision is completely up to you; however, it is my hope that you take no more than a weekend to mentally recover and then you dive back in.
I know! I know! The question percolating in your head is “how do I get started again when it seems that the universe is conspiring against me?” (Actual words of a friend going through the this issue.). You just do.  That’s what perseverance is about, doing despite the reasons why you should stop.
You start!  You start!  You start!
1.  Start thinking of alternatives to the problem you are facing.
2.  Start thinking of ready responses to people who don’t support you.
3.  Start telling yourself that you can handle anything thrown at you.
4.  Start telling yourself it is OK to have anxiety but that it is not OK to quit.
5.  Start working on solutions.
6.  Start working on your next project.
7.  Start demonstrating what you can do instead of talking about what you are gonna do.
When you want to give up – You keep going!
Til next time,
Start giving yourself permission to succeed because the power to success has always been within you