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10 Quotes on Courage and a Resilience

Happy Today! Earlier today I spoke with a dear friend who is struggling with adjusting to her new normal. You see my friend is the quintessential definition of a well put together woman - she is beautiful, dignified, fashionable, educated, entrepreneurial and fiercely dedicated to those she calls a friend. A few months ago, she… Continue reading 10 Quotes on Courage and a Resilience

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The Ken Coleman Show: Recommended Listening

Happy! Happy! Today! Whatever the day is for you, I hope you have the opportunity to do something that edifies you. This morning has included a bit of cool air as we walked out the door. The breeze made me appreciate the comfort of my car and the ability to listen to podcasts while I… Continue reading The Ken Coleman Show: Recommended Listening

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Courage Re-Defined

Happy Wednesday! The piece of advice I wish I had known BEFORE I embarked on the path of entrepreneurship - you have to be courageous. Courage as defined by Dictionary.com is "the quality of mind or spirit thatenables a person to face difficulty,danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery." It takes courage to acknowledge the desire to be responsible for your own life. Courage to leave the safety and security of… Continue reading Courage Re-Defined

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Three Success Reminders from Kids Soccer

Happy Saturday!! I am a soccer mom. Both of my boys (age 4 & 8) play for a sports league which allowed them to begin this journey at age 3. You did see I typed age 3 right? I ask that because some coaches and parents are brutal. They take this very seriously and I… Continue reading Three Success Reminders from Kids Soccer

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What Is My Purpose in Life?

Happy Reading! Purpose is the point at which your talents, skills, abilities and gifts intersect with a void or a need in the world around you. What is yours? — Read on http://www.success.com/what-is-my-purpose-in-life/ Great resources should be shared and not hoarded. Simon T. Bailey is one of those resources. Hope you find his article inspiring… Continue reading What Is My Purpose in Life?


Thankful is About Perception!

Happy Friday! No matter the week, month or year you have had til this point - there is at least one thing we can be thankful for. I know there are some of you, myself including, that have an easy time reciting the problems within our lives but seem reticent to find the silver lining… Continue reading Thankful is About Perception!