4 Step Goal Planning Process

Happy Tuesday! Now that I have passed the Christmas season and am are approaching the New Year, it is time to end 2015 with a practical plan for attainment of those abandoned goals.  Hopefully you have completed your self evaluation, I certainly have, and you are now ready to  take advantage of those two hours of planning. I… Continue reading 4 Step Goal Planning Process


3 Questions to Ask Before You Abandon A Goal

In looking at my life so far in 2015, I can see major changes I made since 2014.  As I prepare for 2016 I am filled with excitement as I ponder the additional adventures and new experiences awaiting me.  But I must admit that I most look forward to the developments and observations my children… Continue reading 3 Questions to Ask Before You Abandon A Goal


No More Excuses

"I have no money" "I can't afford to do that" "Maybe when I pay off .." "I'm not good at that" At some point in my life I have used all of these excuses to prevent me from working on myself. They stopped me from growing professionally.  They stopped me from growing personally. Each time… Continue reading No More Excuses

Weekly Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom: 10 Quotes To Promote Positively 

The news appears to project a multitude of negative and evil things which are surrounding us each day.  If I spent a lot of time listening to the news or reading about the never ending stories of crime and terror, I think I would begin to lose sight of the truly good things that occur… Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom: 10 Quotes To Promote Positively¬†