Act Like A Success · Resilience of Toddlers

Three Success Reminders from Kids Soccer

Happy Saturday!! I am a soccer mom. Both of my boys (age 4 & 8) play for a sports league which allowed them to begin this journey at age 3. You did see I typed age 3 right? I ask that because some coaches and parents are brutal. They take this very seriously and I… Continue reading Three Success Reminders from Kids Soccer

Resilience of Toddlers

3 Life Lessons from Toddlers

Happy Monday! Life is never boring or monotonous when you are the parents of toddlers.  Each day you have little reminders of resilience in action.  No matter what knocks them down they jump back up.  Along the way you may have to shield your ears as they succumb to screaming fits of frustration.  You may… Continue reading 3 Life Lessons from Toddlers

Resilience of Toddlers

Resilience in Action

The last few weeks have had me in a perpetual state of anxiety.  First, I became ill with an inability to eat and an urgent & unrealistic need to stay away from my children in order to prevent them from catching my bug.  Then immediately on the heels of slowly turning the illness corner and… Continue reading Resilience in Action