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An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.

Dale Carnegie

When I worked in the office, my job would order me a Franklin Covey planner refill set each year. We were expected to maintain our productivity as well as ensure our departments achieved their key performance indicators.

This typically meant a lot of meetings and not enough time. Planning my day, week, month was the only way to maintain my sanity. I work from home now and the meetings are still there but my time is not as structured. However, I still have performance indicators. Only now I am responsible for purchasing my own planner.

Picture of our Passion Planners over the years

Passion Planner is my go to choice each year. I have made attempts to use other planners but I always come back to this planner. It has some features which were unique when it came out as a part of a kickstarter campaign a few years ago.

The planner comes in 3 sizes – small, medium and large with a variety of cover options. Some of the cover art options provides donations to non-profits around the world. Once the purchaser selects their desired size and cover, you then must select a Sunday or Monday start.

Large and Medium Passion Planners

If you are not a paper planner person there is a digital option which includes your choice of covers and start date. For those who enjoys stickers or daily planners, those options are available as well.

Why the Passion Planner is in my toolbox:

1. The Passion Roadmap

At the beginning of each planner is your Passion Roadmap. This is your space to add goals for now and different timeframes in the future. Think of it as a form of vision board mind map. Then in the middle of the planner is an opportunity to update your progress on this years goal.

2. Monthly Reflections

Following each month is a short monthly analysis section which prompts you to reflect on the month’s activities. I used to skip this session but completing this section actually helps me stay focused.

3. Weekly Spread with quotes and a weekly challenge

The weekly spread is in half hour increments and provides a space for your focus of the day. There are personal & work to-do list and a space for infinite possibilities. Each week you can record good things that happened and review the weekly challenge under the quote of the week.

4. Dot Grid and Blank Pages

The back of the planner provides you with a pretty good supply of dot grid and blank pages which can be used in whatever manner you choose. I use it for planning and monitoring things I need to do for the family. And it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t also include quotes and affirmations.

5. Free PDF download

This should probably be the number 1 reason but I left it for last. The Passion Planner allows you to try it before you buy it. In fact they allow you to download the full planner in PDF format. This is an excellent option for those who want to try it or have a limited budget. I’m trying out the digital daily & weekly versions.

These are my reasons for using this planner. The company also has a line of accessories, a daily undated planner and journals.

My love of this product led me to be a Passion Planner Ambassador. This means you get 10% of your total purchase with code TIFFANYT466.

If you decide to try them, let me know how you like them.

Til next time,

“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets planning.” – Thomas Edison

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