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Earlier in the year, a post was generated regarding establishing 22 experiences for 2022. This week I want to provide an update regarding my goal to have 22 new experiences this year.

It has been a great year so far and I am excited to report I have achieved a few of the experiences on my list. I’ve often asked myself – why do I feel the need to share this journey with other people?

It took me all of 15 minutes to realize, this is one way I am holding myself accountable for staying focused. And well sharing is a way of memory keeping. It’s something my kiddies can go back and see how mom was living life.

What’s on my 22 Experiences Sheet?

A few of the items on my list are below. I’m sharing the experiences which include a variety of emotional, physical and challenging components. I also included my kiddos and hubby into my list since – hello, I’m a wife and mom.

– Travel out of the continent

– Travel outside the US

– Do something which forces me to test my fear of heights

– Run not walk a 5k

– Finish writing my ebook

22 Experiences of 2022 graphic with flowers

What’s My Progress?

We are about a week outside of August and I have experienced a few of the things in my list. Out of 22 experiences, here’s my progress:

1. Travel out the continent

I have touched down and spent time in Africa to Accra and Elmina in Ghana. My travel to Africa was unexpected but rewarding.

2. Family Disney trip

We took a Disney cruise and spent a blissful a& relaxing 5 days in the water. The kids were able to wander unsupervised with no fear of harm.

3. Travel out the country

This one was part of a two for one so it will likely be on the list next year. We visited Mexico as a layover during our cruise. Experiencing it with your kiddos is like experiencing it a new.

4. Fear of heights

While in Africa we hiked a rainforest park where I didn’t know until the last minute we would need to cross rope bridges over a vast open space. We had the choice of three or more rope bridges saw me doing the 3 option and I chose to go first. I prayed every step of the way and get my eyes on getting to the end. It was not exhilarating but I did it.

5. Quarterly dates with my kids

Now this was actually one of my harder experiences to this moment. It’s easy to overlook the easy tasks but finding something unique to do with each of my 3 kids where one doesn’t feel left out is harder than it seems.

6. Buy a Kindle

Yes this was in my list! and Yes l have the Kindle app on all my devices. I bought the Kindle as it allows me a portable library with a long lasting battery. It also shows my children that I am reading and not working or playing on my phone.

This is a little peek into my 22 experiences journey. I’m giving myself grace to finish at the pace life allows but the calendar is changing fast. Stay tuned for news on a few of the other experiences launching soon.

How’s your 22 experiences journey going?

Til next time,

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” – Harriet Tubman

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  1. Thanks Tiff
    I ALWAYS look forward to your posts- they truly inspire me to do more….
    Looking forward to “Next Time”…🤗🤗😊

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