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This post is for those who are not into the resolutions and goal setting. Well that’s not true this is for them and anyone who has a desire to make their life a little – what’s the word? More

Here we go. Most people have heard of a bucket list. If you haven’t, here’s the basic premise. A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket.

There is a movie called The Bucket List and there are many results for that search topic but at its core it’s a list of things we often put to the side because we convince ourselves we should wait.

It’s 2022!

We have survived the pandemic!

We are living through historic times and there is more attention to quality of life. That makes 2022 the best year to embrace those experiences we have put to the side.

22 Experiences of 2022!!

Instead of making a bucket list which sits until retirement or life altering circumstance, let’s start today. Yes, this is where I say pull out your journals. I stand by the practice of writing things down in order to make them happen.

So this is another journaling activity but it’s one where a little creativity added in. This month, I am making a list of 22 experiences I want to have in 2022.

Our family plans birthday experiences where the kids can choose something they want to do and eat. This allows for family memory making, exposure to new things and reduces the expectation of gifts which will be discarded and forgotten later.

We are able to relive these experiences through our photos and memories. These are a testament to lives well lived versus a life of going through the motions. It’s amazing to see how invested they are in planning their experience and seeing their interests change as they mature. My daughter has discovered she enjoys travel and now plans week long celebrations instead of day excursions.

This is what I hope to motivate you to prepare for this year. Make a list of things you want to do, see, smell, taste and experience. Remember this is a personal list of experiences for you and should be within your ability to achieve. I encourage you to try and restrain yourself from including things like fly first class to Australia if you have never left your state and can’t afford economy plane tickets.

We want a realistic list of experiences which meet your personal circumstances. You want to have inspiration to work from thus I include photos as visual cues. The other factor is budget. Ideally these experiences are ones which will not destroy your budget.

Depending on what is included you will need a plan for paying for each experience. We have one of my 2022 experiences occurring during Spring Break of this year. But I began budgeting for it at the beginning of the year so I had time to arranges resources needed for enjoyable trip.

Since the 22 Experiences of 2022 is designed to occur in 2022, I wouldn’t plan more than 1 event which crosses the calendar. If you are more spontaneous, you may also create a page in your journal or planner – maybe even a frame of photos which you outline those things you experienced throughout the year.

This activity can be considered another form of goal setting but without the pressure which sometimes comes with setting goals.

Give yourself a gift of 22 experiences in 2022.

Til next time,

You have one life, live it to its fullest.


  1. Tiff,
    Thanks so much for this – very inspirational
    I started this year for 60 days giving a daily challenge to my family on GroupMe- I’ll be sure to share this with them
    Love you

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