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When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around. – Willie Nelson

Everyone is likely filling your inbox, for you pages, suggestions etc. with reminders of the new year and activities you should finish before the new year.  This may be considered one of those but let’s hope it’s a different perspective.

I am committed to the practice of journaling and use mine as a personal cheerleader.  My pages don’t start Dear Diary but they have helped be get rid of emotional roadblocks I didn’t realize I was encountering.  One of my yearly routines is to gift the family with new journals at the end of the year.  

My philosophy is new year, new journal.

Several of my journaling ideas usually come from a quote, affirmation, scripture, podcast or tv show and this end of the year idea came from the quote by Willie Nelson. This year I decided (he lovingly agreed) that the hubster and I would take a little time on New Years Eve to spend a few minutes journaling. 

Black and White Graphic of Willie Nelson Quote

We will end the year writing 21 things, people and situations I was blessed to experience in 2021. I want the first thing I write in my new journal to be words of gratitude. That is the mindset I wish to take into the new year. This will also remove that hesitancy to write on the first page of a new journal.

Why journal blessings from 2021?

Journaling will remind me of things which were important or impactful for me. 2021 has been a chaotic year but the year will be a memory in a few days.  We have lost friends & family members and I want to write down memories I have with those people before it fades from my mind.  

What do you consider blessings?

This is your personal choice.  I consider blessings to be both good and bad things which happened only if the bad things taught me something I now can’t live without.  Such as my health wasn’t the greatest all year long, there were some rough moments.  But those struggles forced me to make time to practice self-care and take time to rest.  I don’t wish to forget that lesson so it will be one of my blessings.

Why did you choose to do this with your husband?

My hubby tends to be my guinea pig and partner in crime for life.  He was the first person I thought of but I have also challenged my friends and family to practice this act and post with the #21blessingsof2021.  My family are those who lift me up and bring me back down to realty when I get to big for my britches.  Doing this with them will likely remind me of events & experiences which I may have forgotten.  They may choose nut to do it but they won’t be surprised when we have conversations about it things I remembered.

Journal Ideas

This is a low cost activity which requires a writing tool and a piece of paper.  Or for my digital friends, you can create a note on your device.  I estimate this will take about 30 minutes from start to finish so I plan to make it a part of my morning coffee routine.

How are you celebrating the end of 2021?

Til next time,

When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” – Willie Nelson



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