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Another week another strategy for your post pandemic development. And this one is a little more difficult to manage. It requires daily conscious action in order to achieve mastery.

This week we are talking about your mind. Understanding and taking control of your thoughts. This is one of the hardest things to overcome in your life. To make lasting change, yes you have to prepare your body but none of the physical changes would last without working on your mind.

It’s the same principle for achieving new goals. Especially a goal such as an exit plan. One of the top self help books in the US is a book written in 1903 entitled As A Man Thinketh by James Allen.

Just think about for a quick moment, a book written over 100 years ago remains one of the bestselling books on the market. Either the book is actually helpful or there are millions of people who were mistaken. I am on the side of the book is actually helpful.

So while I think this is a book that you should take the time to read or listen to, that’s not the point of this post. The point is, it’s time to prepare your mind for change.

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Here are 3 practical tips for preparing a mindset of positive change:

1. Evaluate what you are watching and listening to.

What shows are you watching? What music are you listening to? What books are you reading? This was a cliche to me but it is true. The things that we bring into our brains, determines our mindset. During the last year, I watched and listened to more news than I ever had before. On the days I listened, my energy and attitude was bad. But on the days I forgot to tune in I was more hopeful and energetic. Pay attention to your reactions and attitude while you do routine things. These reactions can be recorded in your journal – if you notice a pattern you don’t like, a change is needed.

2. Make a banned words list

A banned words list is a list of words where when you hear them or say them, you notice a change in your mood. These are those words that don’t reinforce hope. Words like can’t, won’t, fat, ugly, stupid. These are little words that pack a big punch to your self-confidence. When your confidence takes a hit, it’s easier to give up. So examine your speech and thoughts this week and begin creating your list.

3. Take a few minutes and search for a phrase to use as your personal mantra.

Look for a quote, affirmation, scripture or funny saying that you can write down. You want to write and post this around various places in your home and workplace. You want to memorize this so make sure you choose a short one. When you notice yourself thinking or saying one of the words on your banned list, recite your personal mantra. You want to replace negativity with positivity.

Try these three tips for the next seven days. If you miss a day, start again. The important thing is to begin to prepare your mind for what’s to come.

Til next time,

“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.” – Steve Maraboli

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  1. Change is a powerful tool, related to belief. If we believe then we can change what we don’t have to be what we want. Thanks

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