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It seems to have been a little while since I bad the pleasure of introducing a new resource to this audience. And this recommendation isn’t a true introduction, instead if is more of a return to a good friend.

The creators of Fearless Motivation was introduced to me in 2019 from an episode of The Ken Coleman Show.  The host played a clip of their speech on believing in yourself. From this introduction I became a fan.

A clip for these motivational masters was also used for the Tik Tok 6 month challenge. Not only can you access their speeches from:

1. YouTube & YouTube Music

2. Apple Music

3. Fearless Motivation Website

4. Pandora

There are episodes on a variety of topics including Entrepreneurship, Goal Setting, When You Feel Like Quitting and Focus. The website also includes interviews with bestselling authors and coaches.

I listen to at least one episode each week as part of my morning routine.

My favorite episodes include:

Another great episode and a newer episode is:

The Fearless Motivation team creates visually pleasing and impactful speeches into less than 30 minutes video. I enjoy the newsletter which includes a transcript of the latest video along with a link to view the video. Though I am a subscriber on YouTube and I listen via Apple Music, the email reminder alerts me to new postings.

If you are looking for motivational content to include in your day, Fearless Motivation can be one of your resources.

Til next time,

“Nobody cares what you did yesterday. What have you done today to better yourself?” – David Goggins

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