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Late last year my husband introduced me to Tik Tok.  The introduction came during the time in which it was a spotlight of the news due to a potential ban regarding its use in the USA.

We couldn’t understand what the fuss was about so we decided to download the app and see what all the fuss was about.  I have to admit the first few videos that appeared in my feed were dancing videos and I just didn’t see the appeal.

It wasn’t until we started sharing videos that we liked with one another that we began to see a different side of the platform. I never created an account so I never got the curated for me feed that my friends advised would occur.

However, the more I opened videos from friends and skipped other videos I began to notice videos that were actually useful.  One of the video clips I enjoyed and shared was one for something called the #6monthchallenge.  I don’t know who created this challenge but it was introduced to me from @deishavutravels.

The challenge uses the narration from one of my favorite YouTube channels  – Fearless Motivation.

The basic premise of the challenge is to work on yourself for 6 months.  During that time you will shut out the world and remove distractions.  You will also give up things that are keeping you from your dream.

While I have heard the motivational speech before, it was the simple journaling aspect that @deishavutravels added which made me eager to recommend it.  She made it easy to quickly implement the steps of the speech.  Not only that but if you have only been exposed to the Tik Tok short video, her journaling method is quick and easy to emulate.

This is a challenge I have and would recommend to others.  Here’s the four reasons why I think this would be a rewarding challenge:

  1. It is an introduction to goal setting for those who feel that making goals is to complicated.  You are encouraged to identify what you want to achieve and then
  2. If followed like the video snippet, it recommends the participant identify distractions which should be eliminated.  Its the distractions which usually diverts people from their dreams.
  3. It provides you with an outline of what your daily routine should be in order to achieve the goals identified.  Routines are positive habits and practices which propel you forward.
  4. A six month challenge is often easier than a full year, it has a start date and end date.  Not a target date but a definitive end date.  With the end date identified it is easier to keep your eye on your finish line.

This challenge is not a resolution.

This challenge is private and does not have to be shared with others unless you choose to.

It is an opportunity for you to devote 6 months to work on yourself.  You are completely in control of what you choose to do and there are several other videos on Tik Tok and YouTube to encourage you to start.  But do not allow the viewing of these videos to become a distraction from your self care journey.

Personal growth is exactly that its personal.  It’s about pushing you to work on your self.  While on the surface it may seem unnecessary there is always a few things which could be changed.  Challenges helps participants realize their own strength.

If you have a little time on your hands and need something to shake up your day, check out the challenge.  You may find that it is an interesting option.  Tell me, do you like to do things which challenge you?

Til next time,

“It’s lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself.” – Muhammad Ali

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