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At the time of this posting, my state will be participating in the Senate Runoff. You would have to be living under a rock to not be aware that this is the last race from the 2020 Presidential Election.

In the last few weeks, my Georgia neighbors and I have been inundated with numerous political ads, postcards, phone calls, text messages etc. I probably could have wrapped Christmas gifts with the amount of mail we have received.

But this election has reminded me of a few things that we tend to forget during the activities of our everyday life. They reminded me of the power of perspective and belief in oneself. And who doesn’t need a reminder a time or two?

1. Handwritten notes and postcards add a personal touch and demonstrate your willingness to do the extra step.

Growing up my mother made us write thank you notes for every little thing and while it was irritating to me, the receiver always reported being touched by the gesture.

2. A phone call is more effective than an email.

In this day and age of technology, phone calls are often relegated to the mandatory calls needed to manage life or work. The extra effort to make personal calls was a nice touch. However, after a while it was aggravating.

Phone calls are another personal touch that when done correctly can motivate action. Calls also prevent miscommunications and offer a chance for Q&A. The election calls I received directly from the candidate allowed me to ask questions if I chose to. But there were some calls that – well were a few to many.

3. A negative is a positive. It’s all how you spin it.

This is probably the most common trait that was displayed during the election. And in my opinion it is the most overlooked life lesson.

What we consider is a weakness or a negative trait can easily become a positive when presented in a different manner. Just consider the ads created by the different political parties – they took the same situations and packaged them differently based on the audience.

4. It takes a village to make things happen.

The most effective strategy this election were the communities that were built for a common cause. The groups of people who personally wrote postcards encouraging us to vote. The people who volunteered to provide transportation even in a pandemic. Those who took the time to text groups of people and provide them with links for election information or reminders to tell someone to vote. During a year in which we faced uncertainty and fear, those community outreach efforts were more appreciated.

The connection with other people even the annoying ones probably helped some people feel less alone.

5. Integrity matters.

The people I will remember the most from this election are those who stuck to their principles. They stayed committed to the law. I may not have always agreed with them but their actions were a model to other democracies around the world.

2020 almost made us forget that there are people with integrity and concern for their neighbors . The election may have brought out the worst but it also brought out people who demonstrated what integrity looks like as well as those who -well seemed to forget it existed.

Which would you like to be remembered as being? The one with integrity or the other one?

These were my 5 reminders from this election and I am happy to know my mailbox will no longer overflow with reminders to vote. I vote early as a rule so the calls, texts and mailings no longer interested me. However the reminders they brought with them will be included in my journal.

That’s the wonderful thing about life, it always sends you reminders when you need them.

Til next time,

Every vote counts!!

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