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I spent the weekend enjoying time with my mother and sister. It was a simple long overdue pleasure as we have practiced social distancing to ensure we could stay safe. While at her home, we enjoyed viewing a few episodes of Love It it List It on HGTV.

The premise of the show is finding a way to provide frustrated homeowners with either a remodeled home or a new home based on the homeowners’ wish list. Most of the owners have been in their home for years and one party doesn’t want to let go of what they have even through presented with a brighter larger home.

It came to me while viewing that the wish list for remaining in their existing home is always lengthy with a limited budget. The wish list for the new home is often specific with a large budget. That philosophy is true for real life. When we are stuck in our comfort zone, we can produce a list of things which justify why we should stay in the same space. We fail to consider the options which can be open to us if we take a little time to look around at what is available.

I often vote for the homeowners to stay in their renovated homes but watching the walk through of available properties changes my mind. This show demonstrated the struggle of personal growth. We are emotionally tied to our current home (circumstances) and while we know it doesn’t meet our current needs like it did when we first bought it, we have a hard time letting go.

We try to adapt instead of walking into something new. We can’t visualize ourselves in a new home (job, relationship, business, financial situation) because of our own insecurities. We stay rooted in the same place until some external force shows us what is possible if we invest some time and money.

The times we live in allow us access to experts who can assist us in our home/life improvement. We don’t have to be stuck in the same environment with limited growth potential. And just as your new home will feel you with pleasure, a new life will also add joy.

Til next time,

Embrace the love it or list it philosophy to your life and if necessary, when the time comes – your home.

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