Happy Today!

Growing up I never really gave a lot of thought as to what I would do with my life.  It wasn’t something that I was raised to consider.  The focus of life was to graduate high school, go to college and get a good job.  My mother would add in find a good husband but that wasn’t on my mind then.

While in college I had a great professor who helped me visualize the options which could be available if I chose to take them.  It was in college where I was forced to make my first life pivot, I was working on my Masters Degree with the intent to get my doctorate when I learned of my parental role model’s cancer diagnosis.  I never went on to get my doctorate but life went on.

I went on to have a few more forced pivots in life and they were easy to make – until I had kids.  When you have kids, your responsibilities become a little heavier.  It becomes a weight – not a bad weight like luggage, but a weight of things to come.  Almost like a premonition of the good that is to come, if I make the right choice.  In today’s circumstances, the fear of the unknown is a real thing.

As an entrepreneur, I worry about my business.  But I know I can start again.

As a service provider, I worry about my clients.  But I know I can gain new clients if it becomes necessary.

As a daughter, I worry about by my parents.  But I know that they are following recommendations in order to stay self.

As a wife, I worry about my husband when he is required to leave the house for work.  But I know that he will do all he can to keep us safe.

As a mom, I worry about my three kids.  But while I know that I am keeping them away from others and making them practice social distancing, I must confess that I still worry. I worry that I will be able to keep them safe.

I worry about what kind of world we will have when this is over.

I worry about remote learning & if their academic growth is being hindered.

I worry about having the resources to take care of them.

This is my new reality – another forced pivot.  But this time the whole world is pivoting with me.  With this new environment, I am encouraged by healthcare workers, truck drivers, gas station attendants and the other essential workers.  They didn’t hide they embraced.  They didn’t become paralyzed by fear, they acted.

I am encouraged by the companies & people who are making face masks and donating them.  I am encouraged by the stories of people showing up and being kind.  This experience has taught me that change is hard, scary, and anxiety provoking but it can also demonstrate compassion and perseverance.

So even though the world is crazy and uncertain, it shows us that change is good.  And sometimes you don’t have to look far to find the good.  It’s the teller at the grocery store, the truck driver in the lane next to you, the cook in the restaurant kitchen,  and even the mom who is trying to figure out this remote learning while trying to not the mommy worries prevent her from enjoying the time to hold & love her kiddies.

Til next time,

“Change is inevitable. Change is constant.”  – Benjamin Disraeli


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