Happy Today!

Now more than ever we need to spread & generate happiness where we can. If we have learned anything through this crisis, it is that life is short and spreading good cheer is a choice. In turn that means happiness is a choice.

There is a happiness movement which began a number of years ago and one its champions is Gretchen Rubin. She has a book entitled The Happiness Project and it has allowed people to make a priority identifying the things they need in their life to be happy.

Another happiness champion is Laurie Santos, a Yale Psychology Professor who created a popular course entitled Psychology and The Good Life which became so popular that an adaptation of the program is now being offered through Coursera.

Professor Santos’s course is entitled The Science of Well-being. It is currently free or you can pay $49 for the full course and receive a certificate of completion.

Hopefully, this is a resource that will be of benefit to you. If not, check out the courses available on the Coursera platform.

Til next time,

Do something today which will create an impact on your life for years to come.

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