Happy Today!

How are you today? I feel I should ask you how you are doing just in case you are sitting home alone during this time of social distancing. We are home trying to work from home, home school with distance learning and one TV for our family of six.

This new reality has been an experiment that no one planned for but are adapting to. After a while phone calls, face time and Netflix gets boring. And let’s keep it real, it can make you begin to have doubts and frustration.

Here are four tips I have implemented to stay positive while practicing social distancing:

1. Focus on the bigger picture

Yes social distancing is not the most interesting or fulfilling thing you can do each day for a few weeks. But stay focused on the why of it and not the inconvenience associated with it. We now start & end each day with telling each other one good thing which happened. This becomes an opportunity to laugh because what was good for one may have been bad for someone else.

2. Start something new

There is something about new projects that tend to fill me with excitement. It can provide you with a different perspective from the normal everyday process of your day. More importantly it forces you out of auto pilot mode and with the Coronavirus forcing everyone to practice social distancing, what do you have to lose by starting a new project.

3. Have faith in yourself

Yes! You read that correctly, have faith in yourself. This one is a little harder to do since this is a time of uncertainty. But inevitably there are going to be moments when you begin to doubt yourself and your future. Don’t give in to that impulse. You will be ok and if you aren’t, you will learn some great lessons.

4. Journal

Social distancing prevents you from participating in group gatherings and if you live alone, you can become lonely. This is a great reason to journal. What I would normally keep bottled up inside until I could talk to someone I write down. It also helps to ensure that I am not bringing someone else’s mood down with my frustrations. Who knows, I may end up with ideas for a novel, business or who knows what based on the writings in my journals.

Well, that’s it for me at this moment. Time to get back to the family and play candy land. What tips are you using to stay positive during this time?

Til next time,

Stay safe! Stay positive!

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