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Last week was the Super Bowl and has a football fan, I enjoyed the fourth quarter of the game. I like most people wrote off the Chiefs due to the deficit but I continued to sofa coach the team – like they could hear me. It was really a funny situation because we were a house divided (of course I have indisputable bragging rights for the rest of the year). While the game was great, my favorite memory was one particular commercial.

As a sports mom, I loved the NFL 100 commercial. If you are not a football fan or didn’t see it – check it out. The video includes NFL greats but it was the star of the commercial that brings the speed – the young man inspired me with his speed, footwork and obvious dedication to football. This was no actor, this was a kid athlete. So I did what any good mom would do, looked him up to learn more about him.

The commercial featured a football prodigy, a women’s soccer star and a female college football player. Gotta say all three demonstrated that age and gender shouldn’t be listed as barriers to success in your chosen field. The 2019 commercial was entertaining and also included a female football star.

The 2020 commercial was inspiring to my family. It profiled the past, the present, and the potential if you believe and work hard. But it showed the sacrifice that is made when you believe in something bigger than yourself. A few seconds of entertainment has generated a week of conversation in our home.

Journal Prompt:

What simple but unexpected thing creates inspiration for you? What will that inspiration materialize in your life?

Til next time,

 “Some [players] are surprised, some are angry, and some are supportive. But I have a will never to quit. People are always telling me what I can’t do, and I love to prove them wrong.”Toni Harris, Interview with Essence Magazine,

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