Happy New Decade!

Each year the months of October – January become a period in which shoppers will see advertisements for a variety of products to take you through the holiday season.

In the USA, we get to look forward to:

  • October – Halloween
  • November – Thanksgiving Day
  • December – New Year’s Day
  • February – Valentines Day

That’s four months of shopping, cooking gifting holiday decoration and dieting to get ready for parties. Then almost overnight, it’s a new year with new expectations. Some people make resolutions, others make goals, others do nothing and still more just don’t buy into the new year hoopla.

We have finally gotten past the mad dash of people returning to the gym for the beginning of the year and are able to focus on creating lifestyle changes that are not based on the traditions of making new year goals or resolutions. You’ve read the statistics and know that many people don’t stick to the resolutions made before the new year. This decade, I don’t want that for you nor for me.

I had a conversation with my eldest who informed me that something must be wrong with her because she didn’t have any goals. It seemed everyone around her was working towards something and she couldn’t recognize anything which resembled a goal/resolution in her life.

It occurred to me after that conversation that other people could be struggling with feeling inadequate because they don’t have goals. The truth is that everyone has goals. Some goals aren’t dressed in fancy wrappings they are just a byproduct of life.

Below are a few of the everyday goals we take for granted:

1. Meatless Monday: Goal – Better Nutrition

2. Get a haircut: Goal – look better, try new things, boost self-confidence.

3. Buy a book: Goal – Finish the book, Go on a mental vacation, Stress Relief

These really aren’t goals more so they are habits but they build your developmental foundation. For instance, my daughter has life goals but she doesn’t consider them the same as those that are espoused over social media. Here’s the advice I gave her- goals are personal to you and your circumstances. No one can make them for you and no one can achieve them but you.

As a college student working towards a Business degree, losing 10 lbs and becoming general manager at work – these are goals. This year be you and focus on things that are personal to you.

You want goals not resolutions or hopes.

Goals can be ordinary.

Til next time,

“By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands – your own.” – Mark Victor Hansen

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