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Marie Forleo is the bomb and her Jersey Marie persona is hilarious. She is like the best friend who tells it to you like it is with no filter. You never know what will come out of their mouth but it’s often thought provoking. Did I mention her language can be explicit at times and Jersey Marie’s videos often have an advisory warning regarding listening with small children around.

BUT and this is key – You will learn or be reminded of something depending on which topic you chose. There is one video I recommend frequently whenever I speak of Jersey Marie.

Today I want to share a few quotes from Marie Forleo’s video No Excuses! How To Stop Making Excuses And Start Getting What You Want featuring Jersey Marie.

1. “Excuses are death to you.”

2. “Excuses are like the roach motel but for dreams.”

3. “Excuses are like wearing cement shoes in the deep end of the pool.”

4. “Excuses are like going to Gold’s Gym at 2:00pm and they’re closed.”

5. “Excuses are like pizza with no cheese.”

6. Excuses are the only thing standing between you and what you want.”

7. “If it’s important to you, you’ll make the time. If it’s not, you’ll make an excuse.”

Which of these resonates with you? Do you have any quotes on excuses that can be shared with others? Leave a comment sharing your quote.

Til next time,

“Perfectionism will kill your goal.” – Marie Forleo

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