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Earlier this week I discussed people who were making doors of opportunity through normal and ordinary jobs. They didn’t set out to create a business but they did set out to find an alternative means in which to continue doing what they loved but without the structure of the things they did not like.

Inspiration Story 1: Private Education Coach

Business Model:

Offers educational supervision to participants of GA’s online public school program,

Serves as educational liaison between the educational staff, parents and children,

Serves as test proctor for exams,

Provides academic assessments to determine academic needs for students in need of tutors,

Provides tutoring 1-2 hours a week per student based on need (available Monday – Saturday)

Previous Profession: Public Middle School Teacher

Revenue: $8000-10,000 month


Motivation for building this door: Our tutor loved teaching but didn’t like the bureaucracy associated with improving test scores nor the overcrowding of classrooms. These factors limited her ability to individualize lessons for the students in her class to help them learn and excel while enjoying it. She wanted to do more but resources were slim and parental involvement was not always evident.

Benefits: “I pick my students and only work with the ones whose parents will support what I do during the day with home routines that enhance learning.”

Flaws: “My work day is longer (7am – 7pm)”

How I learned of this Educational Coach Model:

We chose to hire a tutor to help my IJ get additional assistance in a subject which used to be his best subject and recently became his worse after his school stopped grading homework and relied only on test scores.  He has the philosophy that if he demonstrates he knows the work in class, why does he have to take the test?  I agree.

We hired our coach to tutor our son each week and she has been very helpful in increasing his confidence and comfort level with tests.

Our coach built a door of opportunity within her chosen career field and has found a path to financial freedom while staying true to who she was.

Til next time,

“if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle


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