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If 2019 has taught us anything, a major lesson should be the need for financial security. We had a record-breaking federal worker furlough, historic fire devastation, and ongoing weather-related destruction. one method of ensuring a lasting legacy for yourself and your family.

One legacy idea is exposing those around you to thinking of financial security through debt free living. Debt free living is not security but it is a worry which can be removed from your life. It’s the beginning of wealth creation because it can free up money which can be diverted to investments and savings.

This is one of the reasons I enjoy listening to the podcast His and Her Money. The hosts are living debt free lifestyles and have paid off their mortgage while building a profitable and sustainable business which allowed both to work full time for themselves. I recently experienced the liberation that comes from being debt free but I have a long way to go until my household is debt free but we made a giant leap towards that direction.

I feel confident recommending Tai and Talaat to others because anyone can see themselves within the messages they communicate. A few weeks ago they posted a Life Application vlog entitled Get Rid of These Two Thoughts of how Talaat gave his resignation only to find his replacement announced within a few hours. He learned what we all know but don’t like to discuss, we are replaceable on our jobs.

This was a relatable topic which reinforced why we need to have a backup plan. I have been in Talaat’s shoes and found it to be a little unsettling how quickly people I had worked with for years moved past me for another person(s) to fill my shoes.

This replacement could have broken anyone’s spirit or confidence but it didn’t break me nor Talaat because we know what our purpose is. We are able to recognize and acknowledge our blessings so now what we once both thought was impossible, is here. I suspect you also have experienced things that were previously seen as impossible become reality. Whether it’s a car, marriage, vacation, career, bank account or visit to your bucket list restaurant. It happened.

Imagine what could happen if you didn’t have to worry about credit card and student loan bills. Isn’t what you imagined worth coming true? After all that’s why we make bucket lists. We want more out of life.

Listen to a few episodes of The His and Her Money Podcast and hear the success stories of others who were able to become debt free and you may find inspiration for your own journey.

Til next time,

“When you know your purpose, no one can break you. When you know how to recognize and acknowledge your blessings, you can do the impossible.” – Tiffany Tom-Johnson

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