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March 2019 did not include the completion of an organized 5K race which means I failed in my attempt to have a 5K a month. However, I am counting March as a 5K triumph because I did continue walking and trying to eat better. Each of these were integral to my preparation for the 5K a month challenge.

If you have been with me this year, you may remember that I created this challenge for myself as part of improving my overall health and weight loss. Ironically I have struggled with being anemic it seems all my life and I am working with my doctor to get my iron levels up (which will increase my energy), so hitting my fitness goals are important to me in More ways than one.

My March race goal was not intentionally missed but because I miscalculated the impact soccer season would have on registering for races, I am disappointed that I didn’t proactively plan better. Thus I forgot my basic rules of planning and my one rule of learning from failure.

1. Conduct a brief analysis as to the circumstances which contributed to inactivity.

March 5K Analysis

This year there is a gap in scheduling between the boys’ games which means we spend more time at the soccer field then we did before. Not to mention, the hubby is coaching this season.

2. Identify the barriers which were embedded within the circumstances.


Soccer ends at noon, thus a Saturday morning race is not doable.

3. Specify what you need to remove the barrier


My April 5K should occur on a soccer break or in the evening, maybe Sunday.

These are three ways I use to cope with not meeting a goal. It helps me focus on the journey not the failure. As I keep my focus on these factors and my desire for weight loss, I am sure I will be able to meet my April 5K goal.

What are some ways you use to learn from temporary failure?

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“FOCUS – Follow One Course Until Successful” – Robert Kiyosaki

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