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5K a Month Challenge #5Kamonth

I am pleased to announce I completed my second 5K race of the year and am now 2 of 2 towards my goal of one 5K per month. The race selected this month was the Atlanta Mission 5K Race to End Homelessness- Run in the cold for those who sleep in the cold.

Race entry fees will be provide one night of shelter to homeless individuals in the Atlanta area. This was another great cause which is dear to my heart and allowed me to give to a worthy group of people in need.

During the race I reminded myself as to the benefits of taking on this challenge and I looked down at the asphalt each time I felt like I wanted to stop and quit. I repeated this mantra- one foot in front of the other, one foot in front of the other.

Now this race gave me a little health scare towards the end as my heart rate escalated and I had a little difficulty recognizing that I may have been over doing it. My watch had no such issues with trying to alert me to slow it down but I didn’t pay attention. I did not use my inhaler but I was in need of water to help get me rehydrated. Just in time my hubby came around the corner to meet me and give me a much needed drink (of course he finished the race about 40 minutes before I did since he is a runner and I am a walker).

As I relayed my scare to him, he gave me that dorky look when people are trying not to say “duh” but want you to know the error of your ways. He couldn’t hold out for long and proceeded to remind me of the health benefits to the Apple Watch.

It’s amazing how far technology has come that a thing like a smart watch can help remind you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and remind you of things like breathing, standing and heart rates. Thank goodness for the tech geeks who created wonderful products which make exercising more tolerable.

Oh well it’s time to train for the next race.

Til next time,

5K a month

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  1. Again your example of what you teach and live is alive with your courage toward life. Thanks for not giving up even when it gets hard. I appreciate you.

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