Happy Today!

If you have an Audible audiobook account, you may not be aware or have forgotten that each month Audible offers six titles which are available for members to download two free books.

Yes you read that correctly, six titles of which two are free. Each title is an Audible Original which means it they were created by storytellers and produced in Audible studios.

January is coming to a close but the options available until midnight January 31 include:

1. Atomic Marriage by Curtis Sittenfeld (Fiction)

2. Power Moves by Adam Grant (Non Fiction)

3. The Last Days Of August by Jon Ronson (Non Fiction)

4. The Man On The Mountaintop by Stanley Tucci and Toby Jones (Fiction)

5. The Spies That Bind: A Prequel by Ally Carter (YA Fiction)

6. Harry Clarke by David Cale (Thrilller)

If you miss any of these titles, February will include a new series of titles for your listening pleasure. This is not a sponsored post so feel free to download or not.

Til next time,

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. —Joseph Addison

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