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It’s nothing like watching a child open Christmas gifts bright and early in the morning. No tears or tantrums about it being too early to get up as they are overcome with excitement for the day ahead. Their energy and enthusiasm is infectious making the time and energy spent holiday shopping worth it as we watch the smiles of joy and squeals of excitement as our loved ones participate in the day.

The excitement of a new year filled with new beginnings make adults demonstrate hope and belief in the positive aspect of change. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t recognize the personal value of the new year – makers of planners, journals, calendar and fitness accessory makers understand and profit from the elation of a new year full of opportunities.

I wonder – how much a person could make from bottling up a child’s joy at the simplest of things? How much worry could be relieved if we concentrated on the hope of a new day – not just a new year? This got me thinking. What are some things I could do today to keep that feeling beyond the day of and immediately after the holiday season.

So here is my list, Four (4) things you can do to make the holiday spirit last after the holiday is over.


You read that correctly – don’t watch the news. Matter of fact don’t read the news either. The news gives a negative perspective of matters occurring on your area of residence as well as the world. There are far to many stories of violence and others inability to get along or make decisions. Real life is hard enough without adding unnecessary negativity into the mix.


Organizations in need have likely sent you requests for donations so they can end the year or start the year off with additional revenue. I charge you to give to those around you who may need a little extra throughout the year such as the college student in your life or the family member starting a business. The gifts which give make me feel the best are the donations of time at the kids school, volunteering and watching someone’s children so they can have a moment to recharge or make additional income.


The congestion of traffic as hassle of long flights never seems worth it in the moment but when we wrap our arms around someone we love or experience a new adventure in an unfamiliar location, it can fill us with a sense of elation and satisfaction. Whether you select a staycation or a trip out of town, there are a multitude of options which can be utilized to provide you with a quick pick me up.


Children make complicated things simple with one word – why. They are inquisitive and cheerful as they discover and rediscover ordinary things around you. Rainbows, cars which remind of Bumblebee (the Transformers), planes taking off, coloring books, bike rides, jigsaw puzzles and baking cookies are simple sources of pleasure to children. Grab your kids, nieces, nephews and cousins then have a little fun. The smiles and giggles will be infectious which will help you smile for awhile.


It goes without saying that friends and family tend to give us opportunities to laugh. Reminiscing about the past, laughing at crazy misadventures and enjoying a temporary reprieve from the craziness of real life is a by-product of the holiday season. It doesn’t have to end there. Create a habit of laughter. Watch silly shows or comedies. Buy ice cream and laugh at people you see in the park. Create a new habit this month – look for things to laugh about.

Remember we get one life and each day is a gift. Wouldn’t it be better to end each day knowing you enjoyed the day instead of simply existing throughout the day? Let’s find ways to make each day a holiday in 2019.

Til next time,

“Laughter is an instant vacation.” – Milton Berle

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