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A few days ago I posted Four (4) Gift Ideas For Those In Need of CEUSof the 2018 holiday season. Today I want to introduce to you the latest suggestion. Now I know we are getting closer to Santa’s visit and last-minute shoppers like myself are feeling no need to rush. However for those of you who want to be finished before the week before Christmas, here is another idea for you.

Today I want to suggest gift ideas for the college student. College students are not known to have access to discretionary funds. We laugh now about how we survived on ramen noodles, Vienna sausages, and PB&J. But if asked, not many of us would want to eat that diet now. With the abundance of health information available today, I wouldn’t recommend a diet which mimicked my college days.

Thus I think it is essential that any college gift guide include the obvious – food.  There are two types of food you must have as you elevate your mind – the nutritional kind and the instructional kind.

Benefit Bake Sale.jpg

1. Good and Cheap: Eat Well In $4/Day by Leanne Brown.

This is a cookbook which provides low-cost quality recipes which can be made for the same amount of money as a combo meal at McDonald’s or Wendy’s but healthier. Staples such as eggs and oatmeal can be elevated to a new culinary thought while also maintaining the student’s budget.

2. Grocery delivery box

I like this idea instead of a grocery gift card because it allows for the giver to select items that are not only nutritious but also include basic items that may be overlooked due to practicality like shrimp, cake, ice cream, etc.. Multiple retailers offer the options of shopping online and pick up in store or delivery. Both are great options for the student pressed on time.

3. Amazon Textbook Rental

Textbooks are not consistently covered under graduation gifts and financial aid. The price range for this resource can be upwards of $120 a course and if the student has an accompanying lab, there may be additional materials to purchase. Amazon offers a textbook rental service which can help defray costs. Casually ask a student which books cost the most for their upcoming semester and then gift them with the rental.

The great thing about most college students is that they are receptive to any type of gift you bestow upon them.  They are also sometimes overlooked in the gift giving department once they reach the golden age of no longer in high school.  These two characteristics combined, make the three gift ideas safe choices for the student in your life.

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“Everything I know about minimalism, I learned as a college student.  It’s true, you really can survive on less.” – Tiffany Tom-Johnson

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