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One Minute Inspiration – Be Grateful

Happy Today!

This afternoon while driving home I listened to the lunchtime minute of inspiration from one of my favorite radio stations. During this minute of inspiration, the host shared a clip of a speaker exclaiming a truth regarding 2018 that seemed to summarize my year.

Now since I was driving (couldn’t get a ticket for having my hands on my cell phone), I was unable to record or note the lesson exactly so I will do my best to summarize it here. He also didn’t repeat the name of the speaker as I missed the opening credit.

Here is the paraphrased version:

“2018 is a year of change for many of you. This year God moves people and things out of your life that was not meant to edify you. He revealed to you the true intentions and desires of people who you poured energy and blessings into. The people who you thought were on your side but were really out to take what you had. The people who were with you as long as they were partaking in the benefits of the stature and influence you had. People who you later found out were never for you but always had been against you. It hurt you but it strengthened you and it is preparing you for the benefits and blessings of 2019. He had to remove those people and situations so that you were not bringing that with you into your blessed future.”


Now I don’t know if the inspiration from my radio will resonate with you the way it did with me.  But I do know that we don’t often know what other people are going through and it is often the little things which can make an impact on those we encounter throughout the day.  Thus, I hope this post will help you see that whatever trials you had this year are preparing you for a better 2019.

The radio host ended his session with a song which I had not heard before – Be Grateful.  If you need an audio uplift, click the link.

Til next time,

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


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