Happy Today!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend filled with thanksgiving and gratitude for the blessings and experiences of life.   Today I had an interesting conversation with someone about how some people may excel while others get stuck in (you insert your something).

A conversation like that would have frustrated me in the past because I would have only been able to see my point of view.  BUT circumstances in my life this year helped me understand and empathize with the other side of that coin.  You see I have always been an optimist who felt like nothing is impossible if you make your mind up to achieve something.  That philosophy worked for me for many decades.

However, this year was a year of transition where my happy go lucky spirit and eternal optimism took a hit but today I finally realized one important lesson.  I have the power to make the life I want.  I am done focusing on what happened to me and I am back to focusing on what I need to make happen in my life.  I can choose to be ordinary or choose to be extraordinary.

Ordinary and Extraordinary

Let me explain what I mean by I can choose to be ordinary or choose to be extraordinary. 

Being ordinary allows me to stay within my sphere of influence and understanding.  It allows me to look forward to my next paycheck, dream of starting a business and acknowledging the need to lose twenty pounds.  In other words, I recognize what I need to do.

Now being extraordinary allows me to go beyond my wildest dreams and expectations.  It allows me to look forward to my investments generating additional income to my bank account, launching my business and losing thirty instead of twenty pounds.

The difference in the two ideals is one has the word – EXTRA.  This reminds me to do something EXTRA each day which will get me closer to the life I envisioned.  Basically, it tells me to adhere to the word’s definition.  EXTRA steps or actions each day can make a difference in how fast we achieve our goals.

EXTRA reminds me of the 10000 steps most walkers aim for each day.  Step counters are big business and the number of steps you take is recorded in fitness apps, Fitbit devices, Apple watches, and pedometers.  Parking a little farther away in the parking lot or taking the stairs can be a great component when integrated into your fitness regime but by themselves, they don’t do very much.

It’s the same principle for achieving your goals.

If we do one EXTRA thing each day (along with working your plan), you can move one step closer to goal achievement.  The hardest EXTRA step to take is within your mind. Let’s move past the obstacles your mind immediately conjured. Here are a few extraordinary things you can do which will move you closer to your desired direction:

1. Take a book to work each day

The availability and access to a book will make it easier to get in the habit of reading. Fifteen minute and lunch breaks along with commute time are excellent opportunities to read a new chapter.

2. Challenge yourself to spend $5 less this month.

Eventually it would be more beneficial to save $5 per week but saving $5 a month will give you $60 at the end of the year. By itself, this isn’t a lot of money. But when combined with your existing savings or investment plan, $60 can help prepare you for retirement, pay the domain fee for your website or gave you extra money to pay for once in a lifetime experiences like a cruise or swimming with sharks (not recommended).

3. Make a meatless meal

In a fee short weeks, diets will be common among the world’s new years resolutions. Why not get started now? There are tons of recipes available by googling Meatless Monday Recipes. Nutrition is the key to a fitness regime if weight loss or staying healthy is your goal.

4. Get a mentor

Throughout college I remember various professors reminding us that we are who we associate with. The mandatory time spent with advisors and access to peer mentors allowed us to have access to positive people who could guide us through this journey. Today a mentor can be found through a variety of methods and the wisdom they impart can make filtering through the various streams of options for your life or career.

So which will you choose today? Neither choice is wrong.

Til next time,

Change your thoughts, and you change your world.” – Norman Vincent Peale


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