Happy Saturday!!

I am a soccer mom.

Both of my boys (age 4 & 8) play for a sports league which allowed them to begin this journey at age 3.

You did see I typed age 3 right?

I ask that because some coaches and parents are brutal. They take this very seriously and I have to wonder when they are yelling at my Win’s team of 5 & 6 year olds (he is the only 4 year old on the team – yeah Win) – why can’t we let kids be kids?

Is it wrong that I want children to be allowed to be children? I cringe when I hear chants like “crush them.” I don’t want my baby to be crushing anyone yet BUT I do want them to win.

Win’s coach teaches them various plays and positions he wants them to take on the field and at times it seems like we have as much to remember with soccer as with school. I understand the viewpoint of his coach and I see the improvement each week.

While there are things I am still getting accustomed to as a soccer mom of 2, the sport is changing my perspective on competition and winning. Its also reminded me of three things:

1. Practice = Improvement

I’m thankful for the competitive environment which teaches him that when he practices consistently, he improves. When he improves, his team improves.

2. Teamwork

It feels me with pride when he counts the number of assists he has in addition to the number of goals, this shows me he is learning the value of teamwork.

3. Don’t dwell on defeat

The excitement he shows when they win is nothing compared to the joy I felt when he realized they lost a game and then responded, “Oh well mom next week will win.” He’s four and he reminded me to not let one defeat get me down.

While I still am uncomfortable with the taunts from the adults in the crowd, I am pleased that Win remains excited to practice and to play. Who knows I may even learn what the dead ball means the next time I hear it.

Til next time,

“The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning.” – Pele’

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