Happy Friday!

This is a short work week due to the US Labor Day Holiday.  While short it has been a stressful week with competing deadlines, project pitches and IJ’s unfortunately eventful food allergy challenge on Wednesday.  I am looking forward to the weekend and Soccer Saturday.  There were times along this week when I struggled with getting everything done.   Then I had my personal AHA moment – I allowed the holiday to move me away from my morning routine.  I allowed myself to get off track!!  Let me tell you, my productivity is associated with a consistent personal routine.

I am not a morning person and my routine helps kick start my brain in the same manner as jumper cables kick-start a dead battery.   The battery needs a jumpstart to make it work.  The funny thing is my routine is simple but it’s effective.  I am now a full-time entrepreneur so my productivity is more important to me than ever.  If you are interested in a simple method for kick-starting your day – here is my method – NO CAFFEINE REQUIRED!

Supplies:  Paper notebook or spiral notebook, pens (I use the Bick Pen with four color ink options), Bible, Quotes, page flags

Step 1:  At the top of my page, I add today’s date and the bible verse of the day.  I choose a Bible verse as I have found that it helps keep my mind grounded.  Usually, I will choose the verse from the YouVersion Bible App, Bible Promises App or Bible Gateway.  This verse is written in a colored pen which will stand out when you view the page.  Whichever color has been chosen will also be the color I utilize to write my important tasks which come up throughout the day/week.

Step 2: On the second line after my verse of the day, I write down my quote of the day – the quote of the day usually is taken from the quote of the day from Forbes Magazine Website.  

I choose the quote which speaks to me from the variety of quotes available – sometimes I choose one quote for the entire week but other times I will change it up depending on how much energy I need for the day.  Today, I chose a quote for the remainder of the week: “Habits change into character” – Ovid. I think I have chosen the quote for the start of next week but we will see when that time comes.

Step 3: Skip one line and write your important 3 tasks for the day (this is written in the color chosen to record my bible verse).  These tasks are my non-negotiables for the day and the color stands out on the page.

Step 4:  In the margins of my page on the right, I make a list of things I need to do or follow-up on and these are also color coded. My list includes personal as well as business which is the purpose of the colors.  If the task requires working with someone else or is dependent on information from another source, it is assigned a specific color.

Step 5: Finally I begin writing what I accomplished that day.  This area in my notebook is titled “I did it” because I want to know what I did not what I didn’t do.  At the end of the day, I have a sense of accomplishment and I have notes to refer back to later if I need more details regarding what occurred.  I record a brief summary of phone calls, emails, etc.  If a task was completed

Step 6: If it is within my control, I will not schedule business-related meetings or conference calls prior to 10:00am as it gives me time to complete tasks before I am distracted with input from others.  Recently I have started working away from my home office to ensure that I block off time without distractions from family life.  Barnes & Noble and the public library have become my unofficial productivity spots.

Of course, there are additional things which can be added to my daily page – gratitudes, steps walked, water cups consumed, etc.  I add whatever I need to track and keep it in one place which helps me on the days I am traveling and may not have access to my office.  What are a few things you do to ensure that each day is productive?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

Til next time,

“Habits change into character” – Ovid


  1. Great List Tiff
    Great practice to begin the day with god who gives us the strength to complete all we strive to do.

    Great practice to follow- keep up the inspiring messages

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