“If you try to follow everyone else’s mold, you’ll probably fail at some point because God created us uniquely for a reason” – Queen Latifah

YouTube has become a part of my weekly routine. The access to various industry experts like Mel Robbins, Brian Tracy, Gloria Mayfield Banks, Les Brown and Simon T. Bailey serves as a form of inspiration and encouragement as I strive to be better each day.

I have witnessed different viewpoints and examples on success, funny clips which made me laugh as well as discovered additional books I may choose to read. However, I recently noticed a few things each video has in common. I mean no matter who created, uploaded or edited the video – there is always a plea to select the thumbs up icon which symbolizes the viewer “liked” the video. This selection feeds into algorithms which probably tie into the creators payments.

What it also does is signify to the creator that the effort placed into creating that video was appreciated. This got me thinking, how much time and effort have I wasted to get others to appreciate me by trying to emulate someone else. The videos I like on YouTube are those who are being authentic and give credit to those who inspire them to try something new.

Today, I don’t want to be anyone else but me. Now tomorrow I may want to be Michelle Obama or J. K. Rowling. But by the end of the day, I’m positive that I will want to be good old fashioned me.

I may want to work on my poise and public speaking to emulate the style of Michelle Obama. OR

I may want to coordinate my wardrobe in the monochromatic and gypsy fashion of Ashley Simpson-Ross. OR

I may want to spend time in Starbucks with my iPad and imagination during NaNoWriMo and consider myself as J. K. Rowling writing a blockbuster book series. OR

I may want to belt out Sorry Not Sorry and Tell Me You Love Me like Demi Lovato.

But at the end of each of those mini sessions of my life, I will always look forward to being me.

Me, a mom of three kids that love me and function as my human alarm each morning.

Me, a wife of a man who loves me through my many faults.

Me, an entrepreneur striving to get through analysis paralysis each day.

There comes a time when we have to look in the mirror and decide that we like and appreciate what we see. Now this may require action on our part, if you don’t like who you see in the reflection.

But without action how can we expect to improve our own self confidence. Take a moment today to look at your day from the perspective of a YouTube creator, what can you do to press thumbs up and “like” yourself today?


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