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I have heard that if you do something for 21 days then you will create a new habit.  There must be some truth to this statement because the amount of products and youtube videos I have seen that are designed to track your habits are about as numerous as the number of people telling us how to make money online.

Not that it is anything wrong with either of these things – there are just a lot of people talking about and following the practice.  I happen to think that is a good thing because it means that people are trying to improve their life and circumstances.

You already know I am a big fan of being better.  In fact, check out the below picture of my binder (the same print out is on my office wall in pink).

IMG-8132Yeah don’t judge my photography skills –   The point is I surround myself with reminders to be better so when I find an interesting perspective on an issue that can help someone else, I just have to share it.  So here we go, another interesting article from my email.

LifeHack.org posted an article entitled How I Break 3 Bad Habits in Less Than 2 Months.  The author uses a system he calls the control alternate delete method which stands for:

  • Control (Ctrl): Master Your Desire
  • Alternate (Alt): Find a Replacement
  • Delete (Del): Remove Temptations
  • The author goes more into detail regarding how to implement the control alt del method for maximum effectiveness. If you are struggling with breaking bad habits, there would be no harm in trying out these strategies. You can then check off your progress on your chosen habit tracker.
  • Even if you don’t read the article, you have to admit the control alternate delete method seems doable and common sense.  So read the article, what harm could come from it?  Then tell me, are you going to try this method out?

    Til next time,

    “Never waste a minute thinking about people you don’t like.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

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