It’s April but we are rapidly progressing into May and the year is actually almost over. What have you done so far this year towards moving your perception to that of action instead of an attitude of complaint? That’s a question I asked myself as I found myself frustrated for the fourth time in a week over the fairness of life.

Here I was reading the news and finding yet another story of terrorism, negative politics and shootings galore and I had this feeling of fear for the world my children would inherit. As I write this post, I have unfortunately read of a new attack utilizing a van against innocent bystanders and again I felt fear.

It was in that moment that I remembered life is not fair but we have to take advantage of each moment of life we are given. In fact life is wonderful and full of opportunities if I choose to act on them. I thought back to the Waffle House hero who not only sprung into action to help disarm the gunman but also set up a GoFund me page for the victims of the shooting.

He chose to BE BETTER than the shooter.

He chose to ACT when an opportunity presented itself.

He chose not to BE BITTER about his circumstances instead he made a choice to make a difference.

What would I choose in those circumstances? Unfortunately I don’t can’t say that I would have done either of the things he did and that reality makes me sadder than I would like to admit.

I began 2018 with this affirmation – “You can be bitter or You can be better! It is your choice but you can’t be both.”

But what have I done to make the world around me better? I don’t have to be a hero dodging bullets to make a difference. I can be better by:

1. Instead of being frustrated with political news, I could register voters or work on a campaign.

2. Instead of fearing for my children while they are at school, I can teach them to befriend others who seem to have no one or at the least to be kind.

3. Instead of worrying about being an older mom with young kids, I could invest in their future.

I can be bitter or I can be better! I make the choice to not only say – “I will be better” but also to demonstrate, model and teach the children in my life to also be better.

Til next time,

Which do you choose? Bitter or Better!


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