“WHO said it could not be done? And what great victories has he to his credit which qualify him to judge others accurately?” –Napoleon Hill.

An amazing quote which brings to mind images of things we rely on everyday that would have been considered a sci-fi invention during my childhood.  That may be dating myself as old but no one could fathom these inventions would be our everyday reality.  Things such as iPhones, Bluetooth devices, tablets and eReaders, Internet tv, self driving cars and the list can be a few of those inventions.

But who said it couldn’t be done.  Why did some of us listen to this mystical person? Aren’t we glad some never did.  Now we have flat screen TVs, Alexa, Pinterest, Kindle and Kickstarter. What invention may be locked inside your imagination?  

That is the value of imagination and commitment to an idea.  Those are two of the ideals of success – imagination and commitment.  This month we enter into a new joint reading session.  Your challenge if you choose to follow is to obtain a copy of Napoleon Hill’s classic The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons.

Each week, I will post quotes from each chapter and identify an action plan based on the lesson presented.  You can post the quotes you find interesting in the comments along with any action steps you identify.  Together we will learn and implement the 16 lessons of success.

To kick things off, below are a few notable quotes from the Introduction and our first action item.  


“Wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever you may be following as an occupation, there is room for you to make yourself more useful, and in that manner more productive, by developing and using your “imagination.” – Napoleon Hill

“Success is a matter of individual effort only to the extent that each person must decide, in his or her own mind, what is wanted.”-Napoleon Hill

“Fortunate is the young man or young woman who learns, early in life, to use imagination, and doubly so in this age of greater opportunity.” – Napoleon Hill

“we need not seek opportunity in the distance; that we may find it right where we stand!” – Russell Conwell



Imagine there is a potential angel investor waiting to write a check to the person with the most compelling story.  Or better yet, consider the opportunity to request funding through a crowd funding campaign.

Write an elevator pitch that conveys the answer to this question.  If you are feeling confident, write a one page business plan to accompany the pitch.  You may need both sooner than you think.

Til next time,

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” – Napoleon Hill

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