Each day I wake up energized and ready for the day that the alarm is to slow to awaken me.  I wake up full of hope and optimism knowing that today will be a day of achievement.  When life is going as planned – wait, life hardly goes as planned.  Each day brings new challenges and praises.

There are times in which it seems as if life is either about to be or is a little out of control with a few balls flying in the air beyond what can be balanced equitably.  The one thing which keeps me going is knowing that my opportunities are a result of people who have gone before me.

Each book I read, each quote I re-write, each word that I type brings me one step closer to helping someone else to see the value of motivation, inspiration, dreams and achievement. 

That is my vision for my life and my platform. What about you?  Do you have a vision for your platform?  Colin Powell tells us to “have a vision. Be demanding.”  Before you speak the words “I don’t have a platform,” let me tell you that you do.  You are your platform.

Don’t give in to doubts.  Each curveball that life has thrown you was designed to give you strength and confidence.  You came out on the other end and today IS a new day.  A day that 

Til next time,

“We all have dreams. In order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort.” – Jesse Owens

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