Happy Wednesday!

Happiness is a state of mind we have full control of if we are willing to accept it.  It is one of those things we mistake for an emotion and often give its power to others to wield over our lives.  Stop giving away your power!

Have you every met someone who appears to have everything you want?  The looks, the career, the family, the confidence, the (insert your own word here).  Then they open their mouths and you have to rethink your initial assessment because every other word is either negative or pessimistic.  Those are the people I try to avoid.  I want to be surrounded with people who build me up and remind me to believe anything is possible.

The type of people who have a story which surpasses your expectations regarding what they have overcome.  They type of story that means they have gone through a trial, come out of a trial and are still standing to convey their testimony. Those are the people who inspire me.

The person who beat cancer while building a business after a layoff. You inspire me!

The person who lost their job but was able to keep the lights on, food on the table and the car running.  You inspire me!

The person who left jail and turned their life around to be an employer for others.  You inspire me.

The next J. K. Rowling. You inspire me.

The next Oprah. You inspire me.

The next Dr. Is. You inspire me.

The person who never heard the words “you can do it” or “I believe in you.” You inspire me.

I don’t know your story and I may not know or recognize you on the street but you inspire me.  You inspire me for the happiness you will embrace in 2017.  

Make happiness an intentional habit.

Til next time,

“You are the only person who can and will make you happy. Stop looking to others for what they cannot provide.” – Tiffany Tom-Johnson

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