Black Friday is over and somewhere you are planning for Cyber Monday or travel back home.  Maybe you have decided to finish your Holiday preparations early.

No matter the situation – Traffic is, well traffic.  Frustrations are high.  Whether you are on the way to the office, shopping or traveling later; chances are you are getting there by car.  At least for part of your travels.

A few of my favorite travel tools is my iPod, Kindle and iPhone.  If I have at least one of those devices, I know I can be transported away from a mental vacation or education session.  It is so tempting to use one device for everything but it has been my experience that holiday traveling, even if you are staying home, always comes with the need for a headphones required break.

If I have less than two hours to spare (even incremental), I find it beneficial and comforting to listen to podcasts.  Of course each time I open my podcast app, I hear Zig Ziglar’s voice in my head explaining automobile university.  If you have never heard Zig Ziglar speak, look him up on YouTube.  He has the greatest drawl and simplistic manner of explaining the importance of personal growth.  

Here are five podcasts which lift my spirits while enriching my mind:

1.  Robin Roberts: Everybody’s Got Something – This podcast reminds me that everyone has a story to tell, no matter how beautiful or how famous.  The podcast is a conversation between friends and 

2. Read to Lead – The title hooked me from the beginning.  Anything that begins with read makes me interested.  The tag line eludes to the interviews to come with personal development being a core mission.  Check out  Episode 118 and Episode 136.  Both contain information that could be helpful while you plan to take action for your “it.”

3.  The Love What Matters Podcast – I can only speak for myself, but I am tired of negative news stories of crime, corruption and overall bad behavior.  This podcast is my antidote, it focuses on the good that occurs in the world.  I like the episode Stranger and the Sunflower as well as Helpers and Heroes.

4.  Operation Self Reset – I love to do the scream at the beginning of each episode: “I’m freaking awesome!” Jake is that crazy cool friend that helps you get out of your comfort zone and remind you of how great you are with the awesome sauce!   Check out episodes Getting Things Done, Author David Allen and How to Make Great Decisions.

5.  1 year Daily Audio Bible – My daily listen.  I enjoy being a part of the daily audio bible family and appreciate the way each week is a different version of the Bible.  At the end of the readings are updates on prayer requests as well as new ones.

Til next time,

“Always do what you are afraid to do.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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