So here we are another day and another post about doing something about your it.  Yes another day.  And there will be another and another one if needed.  It is my hope that you utilize these posts as a potential strategy and the push you may need to do something.

In this stage of life, I don’t want to wake up and realize that I could have been better.  I don’t want to die knowing that I succumbed to mediocrity and and complacency.  This is my desire for you as well.  I don’t want your dreams fertilizing the ground around your grave.

Did I take you there, you may ask?  Yes I did.  I am writing this for you but also for me.  I have this insane desire to tell you, you were meant for greatness.  If anyone ever told you differently in the past or maybe right now in your present, buy a dry erase marker and write on your mirror – I AM FABULOUS! I AM AN ACHIEVER! GREATNESS IS HERE AND IT IS ME!

You do not have to spend another day sitting around wishing but not taking action.  When you make a decision to change, obstacles will appear out of everywhere at one time.  You need to recognize that fear is an acceptable emotion.  Anxiety is normal when you contemplate life transitions.    And when you make the final decision to act, you experience a feeling akin to peace of mind.

Remember when I said to write the affirmations on your mirror with a dry erase marker? Do It. Write the words that speak to your heart and your mind. When you finish those words, add your “IT.”  Here’s an example of what I wrote on my mirror:

“I am a DIVA.  I am an ACHIEVER! Nothing is impossible for me! I am a business owner.”

My affirmations were – DIVA and ACHIEVER.  I also wanted to remind myself that nothing is impossible.

My “IT” was – I am a Business Owner.  That is what I am working each day to build.

In order to ensure that I stay focused, I included each of these affirmations in my Passion Planner.  I sign each of my journal entries with Business Owner.  I do this to keep my mind firmly set and focused on my goals.  They are the pep talk in my head and as well as in my sight.

You have the reason the change.  You have the motivation to change.  You have the power to change.  You have to do something.  Take one small step forward.  Then take another small step forward, then another, and another.  Each step will take you one moment closer to the end goal – your IT.

Til next time,

Be patient with yourself.  You can do this.  Each step takes you farther away from your current situation into your desired reality.


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  1. Another job well done. You do a wonderful job sharing your inner self. Thank you for always encouraging us to look at life & believe it’s achievable with whatever we want.

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