I have a confession to make. I am not doing well with my plan to stay organized.  Previously, I made the case for organization and gave myself an ambitious plan to get there.  Like most people who attempt a new habit, I lost my battle.  I had to face the truth that while my intentions were good, I still had deficits in the actual day to day implementation.  Recognizing I had a problem, I decided to take action.  I have heard it said that we are only as good as our tools so I upgraded one of my most important business tools – I again chose to employ a technique I utilize at my work for my transition into a small business owner.

Fast forward a few days and the day I have waited for has finally arrived.  Delivery day! Not of a baby or a puppy but a bittersweet delivery none the less. My USPS envelope held something I have looked at and debated about for just under one year.  Never in my life have I taken so long to make a decision on anything.

I have searched high and low on Pinterest comparing the merits of my delivery.
I have watched YouTube videos and reviews.
I have consulted trusted family and friends who use one religiously.
I have stalked the website and read each of the tips for its usage.
I even made my own suggestions for usage and then I placed the order.

What is this I have obsessed about?  It’s the Passion Planner.
Yes, I know – a Planner!  You know a paper calendar with the ability to track my to do lists and appointments.  Yes it has those functions but it also allows for planning your passions – business, school, household, etc.
There is space for mind mapping as well as instructions on how to actually complete a mind map known as the Passion Roadmap.
Now that it is here and in my hand, I find myself awe struck and temporarily immobilized.  But so excited to begin writing in its pages.  Before I do, I want to pick out a few of my favorite things about this planner:
1.  The not to do list found on the monthly calendar pages.  This is useful for those things we chant to ourselves or say we won’t do anymore but inevitably find ourselves giving in and saying no I will try it again tomorrow.
2.  The people to see and places to go areas on the monthly calendar.  I have determined that I will use this area to remind me of the list of things my kids have placed on our summer bucket list.
3.  The end of the month analysis pages. No thoughts on what will occur here other than an honest reflection of what I was able to accomplish or not accomplish this month.
4.  Weekly and daily focus spaces.  This is one of the features I am most interested in using.  At first thought I will include affirmations or quotes of the day but as time progresses I may change that plan.
5.  Separate personal and work to do list areas each week with the ability to prioritize as well as identify errands.  I changed my persona to do list heading to family to do list and then revised the work to do list to the name of my business AND the tasks I need to complete to kick off my first product.
6.  An envelope attached at the back cover for receipts, post its or whatever.  An envelope is good for multiple things so I think it will either hold my business cards or business receipts.
7.  The best reason – it is mine to do whatever I would like to do with it.
Now that I have begun to plan my days through writing those things which are integral to balancing my multiple priorities, I find that I have experienced days of productivity.  I have used it for two days now and I find that I can at least identify what I accomplished each day and celebrate small achievements.  Over the last two days, I have had less guilt regarding what I should have done and more appreciation for what I DID DO.
Looking forward to using my planner each day.  I am choosing to embrace the belief that organized thoughts and notes will lead to organized days which will lead to continuous accomplishment of goals.
Til next time,
“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney


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