Do this and you will be welcome anywhere

I love the title of this chapter, be welcome anywhere. What an empowering and exciting feeling to know that it is in our control to ensure that we are welcome most places.  Reality tells me that there are people who will make us feel unwelcome because of their own biases.  But this chapter reminds me of the blessings we receive when we do our parts to make others feel valued. 

Each chapter I read reminds me of the simplicity of each principle detailed.  None of the actions require technology or money, they only require desire to implement. Below are a few notable quotes from Chapter 4.

Notable Quotables:

1.  “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” – Dale Carnegie

2.  “It is the individual who is not interested in his fellow men who has the greatest difficulties in life and provides the greatest injury to others. It is from among such individuals that all human failures spring.” – Alfred Adler

3. “I am grateful because these people come to see me. They make it possible for me to make my living in a very agreeable way. I’m going to give them the very best I possibly can.” – Howard Thurston

4. “If we want to make friends, let’s put ourselves out to do things for other people—things that require time, energy, unselfishness and thoughtfulness.” – Dale Carnegie 

5.  “We are interested in others when they are interested in us.” – Publilius Syrus

Questions to Prompt Additional Thought:

1.  What or Who is the greatest friend man has ever known? Who would you consider the greatest friend you have ever known? Why? Are you being a good friend?

2.  What is true of writing fiction and true of dealing with people?

3.  What does showing a genuine interest do for your company? Family? Friendships?

4.  How do both parties benefit from a genuine interest in others?

5.  What principle should be kept in mind if you want people to like you?

Strategy for Success:

Practice genuine interest in others by listening to their needs and making at least one need a priority to resolve.

Til next time,

“From caring come courage” – Lao Tzu

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