In looking at my life so far in 2015, I can see major changes I made since 2014.  As I prepare for 2016 I am filled with excitement as I ponder the additional adventures and new experiences awaiting me.  But I must admit that I most look forward to the developments and observations my children will make.  

Viewing life through the eyes of a child help you to remember that anything is possible.  If the method can’t be quickly identified,  you can count on a child to ask “why” over and over and over again until you either figure out a way to make it happen or figure out a way to distract their interest.

One benefit of listening to the endless stream of “but why” is that it always brings my mind back to my own interests and realizations that I either achieved a lot or abandoned a lot.  Hearing my boys ask why, gives me a jolt of motivation and determination.  I become more determined to do better and be better as examples to them.  Thus those goals that were abandoned are the ones I begin to think about and eventually re-evaluate with a different lens. 

It is at that time, I then ask myself three questions:

1.  Who would I be if I were to accomplish this goal?  If there would be no new experience or opportunity gained, then I would stop here.  I was probably right to abandon it.

2.  What was the inspiration behind creating the goal?   I had a reason for making this goal.  What was it and does that inspiration still exist?  If the answer is yes, maybe it’s time to revisit the goal.

3.  When did I make the goal?  Was it during the emotional atmosphere of holidays or because of seeing someone else do something I know I could and should have done?  If the goal was created during an emotional time that is now past without me retaining the same desire for the goal, then I accept this as validation that I was right to abandon the goal.

Since I am a fan of the concept that majority rules, if most of my answers to my three questions indicate that there remains a spark of interest – you know what I do.  I re-write the goals and give myself two hours to re-evaluate and plan my approach for the attainment of the goal.

This allows me to ensure I will have no regrets and it gives me a slight push to keep learning about myself as well as learning ways to outsmart my kids.  Because after all, I either have a kid logical answer for the “but why” or  I need a large arsenal of diversions.

Til next time,

The difference between a goal and a dream is a plan of action

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