Binders, folders and planners oh my. Each I have given a dozen tries. But I have still yet to find, the exact organizational tool that is all mine.  Those are the thoughts that are floating around in my head as I rack my brain trying to figure out where I left something.

As I destroyed my home looking for this one specific item, I find that I need to get myself organized.  And when I say, myself I mean me, myself and I. 
Not my kids,

Not my home,

Not my office,


My husband often asks how I can be so organized at work and the complete opposite for myself. It wasn’t until I sat here reflecting on my lost item that I realized the answer.  At work I use a combination of methods to keep sane and productive and at home, I use only one.  And it ain’t working.  
Oh how I hate to make that acknowledgement.  The words “it ain’t working” are probably music to my minimalist husbands’ ears and candy to his eyes.  But it’s the truth world, my home system ain’t working.  

I must confess I have stuff everywhere and in every place.  The saddest part of that realization is that I spent money to set up my own home sanctuary complete with items to motivate my creativity and yet, dare I say it aloud – I haven’t stepped foot in it.
Dare I say it, I must organize.  

I really do hate that “O” word “organization.”  But it is time, to tackle this word so that I can be more productive.  And isn’t that the purpose of the “O” word?  To help us get more done with less time.

So I did what would have been the unthinkable, I got organized. I got rid of the “I might need this some day” and embraced the “if someday hasn’t arrived in five years, it’s not coming.” I am embracing organization so that I can embrace the return of my peace of mind.

What is the one thing you dread doing that could help give you peace of mind?  What will it take for you to embrace that task?
Til next time,

“Losers make excuses; winners make progress” – Brian Tracy

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