A few years ago I made a commitment to focus some of my energies on my personal development and growth as well as career growth.  In doing so, I had to embrace the power of initiative and create a desire for change within myself. I learned quickly that I had to become my own motivator if I had any chance of succeeding in life.  

Then for a few years I allowed myself to believe that I wasn’t good enough because I compared myself to others.  But the problems with comparison is that we don’t know what the other person is struggling with or did struggle with to get to this enviable state in their life.  Comparison only helps to hinder your progress.  I stopped focusing on comparing and started looking within for what I could change.  I had to learn that only I could change my circumstances.  

I had to learn to walk away from people who were not committed to holding me accountable when I needed a kick in the pants and who were not interested in being a member of my cheering squad when things were going well.  Walking away left me with a sense of loneliness at times and at other times it helped propel my desire to grow.  I wanted to learn about anything and everything all at the same time.  I didn’t really have a sense of direction of where to start but I had the desire.  With desire I knew I could figure it out.  

The problem was that as much as I loved school, the thought of going back did little to fill my heart.  In fact the idea made me want to go and hide my head in honey then stand near rose bushes full of bees.  Yeah it was that torturous for my mind to envision at the time.

It was while vacationing with my husband in California that I finally found the answer to my unrealized question.  As I strolled through Barnes and Noble I came across the book which began my personal development library:

Write It Down, Make It Happen by Henriette Anne Klauser

This book was revolutionary for me as it was the first book I read from start to finish over my vacation that wasn’t for entertainment.  In fact, this weekend I came across the list of goals I wrote down eight years ago and found that 80% of them had come true.

This book helped me focus my thoughts for what I wanted to achieve but more than anything it changed my perception of “self-help” books.  I found that despite my original misgivings, reading books for growth was not boring and they could be used for something other than a sleep aide.  My personal development library has grown since that fateful time in 2007 but I still count the book that started it all as one of my favorites.
Now it’s your turn.  What’s the name of the book or person that influenced you on you personal development journey?  
Til next time,

Life is a narrative that you have a hand in writing – Henriette Anne Klauser

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