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What a great day to discuss the power of integrity in action.  Today is Memorial Day, a day in which we celebrate the sacrifices of men and women who fought for their country and their beliefs.

That’s what this chapter is about, fighting for your dreams and your belief in yourself and your potential success.  Learning to use NO can be like learning to use a four letter word. It is often hard to say NO to matters that impact us directly because we have conditioned ourselves to accept less than best. 

But that is what Steve Harvey is trying to help us do – say NO.  He wants us to stand up and say no to anything that isn’t parallel to our integrity.  He wants us to say no to anything that doesn’t propel you towards your goals. 

I enjoyed this short chapter and have listed my favorite quotes below along with this week’s questions.

Favorite Quotes:
“Being able to say no will help you become confident in setting personal standards, as well as being comfortable setting boundaries, both of which are critical in your journey toward success” – Steve Harvey

“Maximizing this power will help you avoid all kinds of situations that take you further and further off the path to your success” – Steve Harvey

“Because not every opportunity, relationship, or experience that comes your way— even if it’s something that you want— is good for you” – Steve Harvey

“Saying no gives you the ability to let someone else shine” – Steve Harvey

“Your no forces someone to step into the place he is being called to. Even if you let him fail once . . . you are helping him in the long run” – Steve Harvey

Questions for Reflection:
1.  What is the defining moment(s) that would make you say NO regardless of the consequences that could occur?

2. Think back over your life,  has there been a time in which you stood your ground and refused to compromise your integrity? How did that make you feel?

3. What are the five Es that you earn by saying no? Which one have you experienced?  If none, which would you like to experience and what could take you there?

4.  Have you ever said yes to something that you later wished you would have said no? Write those instances in your journal or a 5×5 card and keep with you as reinforcement to use NO.

5. Saying no allows you to use your ___ and ____ in the right _____ at the right ____ for the right ____.

6.  What are a few questions you can ask yourself to determine if yes or no is the right choice?

Til next time,
“The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.” – Harry Fosdick

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