Happy Success Monday!

What did you think of this chapter? Did it strike a chord in your life? What were your first thoughts when you read the subtitle: There is no self made man?

For me, two thoughts occurred before I finished reading the first page:
1.  It takes a village
2.  Behind every great man is a great woman

As I read further I had the understanding that we have to ask for help while we are on this success journey.   This one little principle is extremely important yet something that many of us put off as something we will get to later.  As kids we had no problem implementing this practice but as we grew and matured our natural desire for the “high five,” “great job,” and “I’m so proud of you” from our youth turned into the fear of rejection of our adulthood.  

So today I issue you a challenge, don’t just read this chapter.  Do a careful and systematic evaluation of your life.  Apply the success action plan and wake up each morning and say to your reflection in the mirror, “NO DOES NOT DEFINE ME!”  Then go out and ask for what you need.  Here’s to embracing the truths of Chapter 11 and my favorite quotes.

Favorite Quotes:
“It wasn’t until I humbled myself, started really listening to other successful people and watching how they worked with each other, that I realized there is a different set of rules at play” – Steve Harvey

“I don’t want you to deny yourself anything just because you are too proud or stubborn
to realize that God often uses other people to assist you in reaching your destiny” – Steve Harvey

“Many times people miss out on opportunities because they are trying to keep it all for themselves” – Steve Harvey

“Not everybody who begins the journey with you can go where you are headed” – Steve Harvey

“But I learned that being around another dreamer can push you when you forget how to dream for yourself” – Steve Harvey

“Our lives are a direct reflection of our communication” – Steve Harvey

“Asking for what you want becomes a totally different process when you deal with people based on nurtured relationships” – Steve Harvey

Questions for Reflection:
1.  Do you know someone who is Living their dream while you are merely surviving?  How did it make you feel when you realized that they had made it and you had given up?

2.  Are there other dreamers in your circle who can serve as motivators or reinforces for you?

3.  What are the top reasons which prevent you from asking for what you want?  How has your current practice worked out for you?  Are you now ready to try something different?

4.  Which needs have you put off communicating to others? Categorize those needs from a scale of 1 – 5; make a decision to ask for the one which means the most.

5.  Fill in the blank.   Asking for what you want _____.

6.  What did sociologist Annette Lareau determine in her study? Which child are you? Is that the child you want to be?

7. What can determine the difference between a good life and a great life?

Til next time,
“You don’t know everything, you don’t know everyone, and you can’t do it all alone” – Steve Harvey

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