Happy Success Day!

Isn’t is a beautiful day to work on our own development? A day of promise and renewal;  a day of new beginnings.

Those are a few of the thoughts which come to mind when I recall the ideals presented in today’s chapter.  Chapter 10 is full of common sense wisdom that each of us likely knows and holds in our hearts.  However, we fail to act on these ideas because they makes us uncomfortable.  But change is always uncomfortable even though we know it can lead to new opportunities and blessings.

As I read this chapter I recognized that my favorite quotes each resembled the various pep talks my family gave me before I left home for college and as I worked towards my degree.  Then as memories sometimes do, towards the end of the chapter, I could envision the times in which the dead weight in my life hindered my growth.   It seemed a virtual picture of my biggest hindrance popped in my head and then it was replaced with thoughts of the positive things that have occurred since cleaning out my support closet.

Each quote helped me remember a time when following similar advice lead to increased success.  What about you? Were there any fond memories or attestation you experienced as you read this chapter?  If not, maybe your moment of recognition is right around the corner.

Favorite Quotes:
“No one else can pull the wagon but you. You are the one who wants to become successful. You’re the one with the gift and the vision. Whom do you have on your wagon”  – Steve Harvey

“God has already lined up all the people in your path to get you to your dreams and your visions; all you have to do is get rid of the wrong ones” – Joel Osteen

“If you are sharing your dreams with people and the first thing they do is try to tell you how your vision won’t work, you should immediately disassociate from them” – Steve Harvey

“Effective leaders know that the way to become a great leader is to become an even greater servant” – Steve Harvey

“Avoid people who are always having a bad day. In their minds, nothing ever works in their favor” – Steve Harvey

Questions for Reflection:
1.  Who are the unproductive and negative people you are pulling along with you on the journey to success?

2. True or False.  You want to have people with you who can aid you on your journey. Why did you select your answer?

3.  What four things should be considered when selecting role models?

4.  Look at your current support system, are there individuals who can be considered dead weight?  Identify your best course of action to remove them from your journey.

5. What you don’t need to know is ______ ; you need to know ____.

6.  What are the questions Steve Harvey asks himself before bonding with others?  What are the questions you need to know before YOU bond with someone?

7.  Who are the “Woe is Me” individuals in your life? What role do they play in your journey? If you can’t avoid them how can you decrease their influence over you?

Til next time,
” Procrastinators will weigh you down. Action is the prescription for moving forward. Action will eliminate boredom” – Steve Harvey

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